Agrifood Partnership of Central Greece (APCG) – Coordinator:

"Agrodiatrofiki Sympraxi Perifereias Stereas Elladas (ASPSE)" is a nonprofit organization founded by the Region of Central Greece, as a joint venture between public and private institutions active in the sector. The primary goal of ASPSE is to raise the awareness of the Central Greek agrifood sector as well as to validate and promote locally produced agrifood products.

ASPSE also offers a wide range of supporting and consulting services to businesses of the primary and secondary sector of the regional Central Greek economy. ASPSE’s members comprise municipalities, chambers of commerce, agricultural cooperatives, federations, and private enterprises.

In specific the agrifood sector in Central Greece unites:

  • 43 companies in the meat, cold cuts & poultry sector
  • 68 beverage companies (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • 14 dairy companies
  • 37 olive oil companies
  • 2600+ registered beekeepers from one end of Central Greece to the other
  • More than 300 manufacturing and processing enterprises of other sub-sectors, as well as hundreds very small family enterprises or individual producers of the primary sector

The Agrifood Partnership of Central Greece serves a wide range of goals including:

  • Increase the awareness of locally produced agrifood products
  • Promote and disseminate the local as well as the Mediterranean diet
  • Validate and promote the Central Greek ―basket of goods
  • Bridge the gap between producers and consumers
  • Assist our producers to become more extroversive
  • Create synergies amongst the agrifood, tourism, and catering sectors

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