Konservolia Stylida PDO:  
Konservolia Stylida PDO  is the main olive variety that is being cultivating in the area of Fthiotida, which is an area with excellent soil and climatic conditions, and that’s why these olives are rich in organoleptic characteristics.

Konservolia Atalantis PDO:
Konservolia Atalantis PDO , is a delicious olive variety famous for her rich fruity flavor, with black or green colour and crunchy flesh.

Konservolia Amfissis PDO:
Konservolia Amfissis PDO is a table variety that is being cultivating in the wider area of Amfissa in Greece , a mountainous area that although the climate is quite cold in the winter, produces these superior quality and flavor olives.

Konservolia Rovion:
Konservolia Rovion is a table variety , growned in the area of Rovies in central Greece, with quite sweet flavor and fruity aroma that makes them extremely famous.


Katiki Domokou PDO:
Katiki Domokou PDO is a fresh and traditional light cheese, originated from the area of Domokos in Fthiotida in Greece, with unique flavor and very pleasant aroma and texture, and only 13% fat.

Feta PDO:
Feta PDO is a landmark of Greek PDO cheeses, made only by Greek sheep and goat,in a ratio of at least 70% sheep and up to 30% goat. Her fat is about 43% and her moisture about 55%. What makes her unique is her very rich taste, which spicy or mild, makes feta PDO a fantastic cheese that you definitely has to add in your daily diet.

Formaela Arachovas Parnasou PDO:
Formaela Arachovas Parnasou PDO is a traditional cheese which is being produced in mountainous  area of Arachova in Greece . This delicious PDO cheese has a milky, light salty flavor and you can enjoy it perfectly fried or grilled.

Graviera Agrafon PDO:
Graviera Agrafon is one of the most famous type of Graviera that originates in the Agrafa mountains in Western Thessaly and Evritania area, with strong flavor that can be perfectly combined with a glass of red wine.

Kefalograviera PDO:
Kefalograviera PDO is made mostly from sheep’s milk, with rich flavor, spicy and delicious salty flavor that is perfectly combined with almost everything, creating fantastic plates.


Aktinidio Sperchiou PDO :
Aktinidio Sperchiou PDO is a kiwi fruit that grows in the area of Thessaly in Greece. It has a sweet and sour flavor,and specific green color.


Loukoumi Geroskipou PGI:
Loukoumi Geroskipou PGI is a delicious in a colourful variety of flavours, being produced in a small beautiful town on the southwest coast of Cyprus. This unique and delicious loukoumi is being cut into bite-sized cubes, which are dusted with caster sugar or finely flaked coconut.


Xira Syka Taxiarhi PDO:
Xira Syka Taxiarhi PDO are dried figs that are being produced in the island of Evoia in Greece and most specifically in the wider area of Taxiarchis. This mountainous area surrounded by sea gives to Xira Syka Taxiarhi PDO their particular sweet flavor and caramel aroma.

Xira Syka Kimis PDO:
The Xira Syka Kimis PDO are well known about their very sweet and light-yellow color. They are naturally air dried and they can be a perfect snack for all the day, rich in nutrient and flavor.


Kelyfoto fistiki Fthiotidas PDO:
One of the most famous areas in Greece about their delicious pistachios is the wider area of Fthiotida. Kelyfoto fistiki Fthiotidas PDO is very rich in nutrients like plant proteins, fibers, calcium, and vitamin D.

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